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Июнь 17th, 2020

Блииин! Они охренели! Зашёл в почтовый ящик — а там прямо подряд несколько уведомлений от разных сервисов (Patreon, WT.Social и др.) на тему #BLM :( Впору включать конспирологию про Московский обком, который забашлял глобальную кампанию… Но даже понимание того, что это не так, не успокаивает, потому что когда в едином порыве сливается слишком много различных сил, это повышает риски многократно и ослабляет возможность умного противостояния этому цунами :(

Больше Больших Братьев! Господь, жги!

Зацените, например, письмо от WT.Social (напомню, это соцсеть, типа свободная от цензуры, созданная в пику Цукербергу сооснователем Википедии Джимми Уэйлсом):
Our position on #BlackLivesMatter, and what we’re doing about it
With protest movements growing around the globe, it is more important than ever that online platforms use their vast influence for the common good. The “neutrality” of algorithms has been debunked again and again, and yet they are still the driving force behind serving content to users. We can do better.
Opaque rule-books and lack of community power mean that rather than taking direct action to remove hostile elements, users are forced to flood the system with false positives. Black activists continue to be silenced by Facebook moderators. The news cycle repeats itself throughout the years without any substantial changes being made. We can do better.
When the President of the United States called for violence by invoking a phrase originally used to threaten racially-motivated police brutality in the 1960s, Twitter’s response was to put up a warning, and Facebook’s was complicit inaction.
Would the statement have remained if users were polled? We’ll never know.
Given the recent revelations that Facebook executives welcomed social divisiveness in the name of higher engagement, the answer may well be yes. We can do better.
Twitter has shirked responsibility by claiming that change is impossible due to political bias affecting “right wing” accounts. It is our contention that racism has no political affiliation, and this is a weak excuse to uphold the status quo. We can do better.
WT.Social makes the following commitments:
* To amplify BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) voices on our platform by hosting discussions and Q&As on a long-term basis
* To create an actively anti-racist platform
* To ensure that BIPOC are equally represented in the moderation of our platform to help foster an inclusive environment.
Together, we can do better.
Black Lives Matter.

А вот откровенное признание руководства одной из крупнейших краудфандинговых платформ об их приоритетах:
Patreon Logo
We’re enraged and saddened by the persistent racism that permeates our society — but our feelings won’t fix the problem. As a company and a community, Patreon has a platform with the power to drive change, and if we fail to leverage that platform, we become part of the problem.
To help in the fight against racism and police brutality, we’re donating $50,000 to Black Lives Matter and other organizations on the front line. We’re also going to increase our financial support to creators of color on Patreon through internal employee programs, and invest to boost diversity among our own ranks, so our team looks more like the community we serve. You can learn more in this blog post from Jack, our CEO.
Today and forever, Patreon stands with our Black creators and with Black people everywhere. We stand with all the courageous people fighting for equality. We stand with the voices calling for change, reform and the end of racial injustice.

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